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Roswell is a city north of Atlanta in Fulton County that was officially incorporated in 1854. The city has a history that is intertwined with the cotton industry and was named after Roswell King. King had extensive experience managing cotton and sugar cane plantations and received this practical knowledge by managing the Pierce Butler plantations in coastal Georgia. But after conflict grew between King and Butler over King’s cruel treatment of the plantation slaves, King resigned. In the 1830’s while on a trip for a new business venture in the banking industry, King discovered a prime piece of land between the Chattahoochee River and Vickery Creek that was ideal for a cotton plantation and mill. By 1839, now well into his 70’s, King had established the Roswell Manufacturing Company, the largest mill in northern Georgia. The mill was built on land formerly inhabited by the Cherokee Nation that King purchased from settlers who had won it in a land lottery. In great part King’s success was due to the hard work of his slaves, who brought with them a rich culture of language, customs and religion. As the mill prospered, King brought in additional workers and sold parcels of land to his wealthy friends, who in turn built elegant estates for their families. Eventually the population in the area had grown so much that a school and church were constructed. King died in 1844 and a decade later the Georgia State Assembly officially incorporated Roswell as a city. The Roswell Manufacturing Company’s cotton mill was destroyed during the Civil War, but many of the towns other buildings were left untouched. With the loss of the mill, the local economy suffered and many families left the area. Eventually the population rebounded after a new mill was built and cotton production retook its important place in Roswell’s local economy. The boll weevil infestation in the early 1900’s severely affected Roswell’s economy and that, in conjunction with the Great Depression, put the brakes on economic growth in the region. Only when highway GA–400 was expanded connecting Roswell to Atlanta in the 20th century did the city’s economy and population begin to grow. Today Roswell has roughly 90,000 residents and is known as one of the country’s best and safest places to raise a family.

Roswell is close to both Atlanta and Marietta and is a short drive to any the three locations of The Libby Law Firm located in Marietta, Buckhead and Midtown–Atlanta. Our team of lawyers and paralegal staff has practical experience in Estate and Probate Litigation, including Estate Disputes, Will Contests, Trust Litigation, Executor Responsibility and Accountability, Beneficiary and Heir Rights, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Trust Preparation, Healthcare Directives and Breach of Fiduciary Duty. We also practice Business Law, Construction Law and Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law. Whatever the legal need, the lawyers at The Libby Law Firm are interested in your concerns and are committed to resolving your issues in the most efficient and professional manner.

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