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The city of Marietta currently has approximately 60,000 residents and is the county seat of Cobb County. Marietta was named after Mary Moore Cobb, the wife of Georgia Superior Court Judge Thomas Willis Cobb. Similar to many towns in Georgia of the same period, the town was constructed around a square plan with a courthouse. The plan was the design of James Anderson, a surveyor, who in 1833 started to map a plan for the town. When the city was officially incorporated the next year in 1834, Anderson’s plan was so successful that 100 settlers were already residing in Marietta. Connecting the city to Atlanta, the Western and Atlantic Railroad supported economic development in Marietta. With a mild climate and easy access to Marietta by train, the city became popular with wealthy vacationers who wanted to escape the heat and humidity of South Carolina and coastal Georgia. This boom in tourism was accompanied by population growth and in 1852 a local government was established with a city council and a mayor. Marietta was booming in the 1840’s and 1850’s, but the 1860’s brought the Civil War and destroyed Marietta’s prosperity. The city was occupied by Sherman’s Union troops in early July of 1864. The troops only occupied the city through November, but the five months of Union occupation left the city in tatters. Fires the troops set as they left the city intentionally destroyed what had not already been destroyed by war. Most of the buildings in the town square were leveled, along with a tannery, the Georgia Military Institute and twenty homes in the southern part of the city. Marietta struggled to rebuild after the Civil War, but never regained its former prosperity during the 19th century. In the early 1900’s two new industries came to Marietta. The Brumby Chair Company and Glover Machine Works successfully brought much needed work and repurposed the idle cotton mills for the flour, paper and marble industries. Prosperity finally returned to Marietta in the 1940’s when The Bell Aircraft Corporation established a plant in Marietta to build B–29 bombers for World War II. The plant was closed after the war, but before too long, in 1951, Lockheed came to Marietta to build military aircraft for the Korean War. The operation was located in the former Bell Aircraft facility. Eventually Lockheed and Martin Marietta would merge to form the company that we know today as Lockheed Martin.

The Libby Law Firm Marietta office is located at 630 Village Trace NE. As a well–established Georgia Law Firm, our attorneys serve the entire metro–Atlanta region and northern Georgia. Our lawyers and paralegal staff have broad experience with Estate and Probate Law, including Trust Litigation and Estate Disputes, Will Contests, Heir and Beneficiary Rights, Executor Responsibility and Accountability, Guardianships and Conservatorships, Trust Preparation, Healthcare Directives, Powers of Attorney and Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Our Firm also has knowledgeable lawyers who practice Business Law, Real Estate Law and Construction Law. At The Libby Law Firm we are dedicated to resolving your estate and probate concerns in the most effective and cost conscious manner possible.

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