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Located in Gwinnett County, Norcross is a quaint town that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 1980’s. Chartered in the fall of 1870, today the city’s population lives within a 4.1 square mile area and is estimated at 10,000 residents. The city is located on the eastern continental divide, a fact that has shaped the area’s role in history. Before white settlers came to the region, the divide was an important byway for the Creek and Cherokee Indians that moved through the area. Later during the War of 1812, Fort Daniel and Peachtree Fort were connected by the Indian trail on the ridge. Known as Old Peachtree Road, eventually the route was flat enough to allow stagecoaches to pass over the divide. By the 1840’s it became a popular route for coaches carrying passengers between South Carolina and Alabama. With stagecoach travel, the region gained popularity and small towns, like Pinckneyville and Flint Hill were established. The city of Norcross is named after Jonathan Norcross, who lobbied for construction of a railway line through the region in 1856. The proposal gained approval, but was delayed until after the Civil War. By 1869, twenty miles of track had been laid. The railway line was called the Richmond–Danville Railroad and when it was completed in 1870, the town of Norcross was officially founded. John Thrasher purchased the initial 250 acres of land that comprised the town. The rail terminal sat in the center of this land. It was John Thrasher who named the town after his friend Norcross. The railroad drew settlers away from small towns that were not near to the track, and the population of towns such as Pinckneyville and Flint Hill declined as their residents moved to Norcross to be nearer to the trade that was generated by the railroad. Over time the railroad brought prosperity to the area and Norcross became a tourist destination for residents of Atlanta. Despite the expansion of roads and highways around the city in the 20th century, the city center was left untouched and made Norcross an attractive candidate for inclusion into the National Register of Historic Places. Residents and those visiting the town today enjoy its turn–of–the–century charm.

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