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Lawrenceville is located on 13.1 square miles and is the county seat of Gwinnett County. Founded in December 1821, it is the second oldest city in Georgia and boasts a population today of approximately 29,000 people. The city’s first postmaster, William Maltbie, originally suggested the name Lawrenceville. Maltbie was a fan of Commodore James Lawrence, who served as a naval commander during the War of 1812 and is famous for his words, “Don’t give up the ship!” Initially, the region was popular with native people for its many natural springs. When the land for the city was bought in 1821, four roads were built that surrounded the town square and a well was dug in the middle of the square. This well was fed by the area’s springs. A courthouse was built in the square and was one of the first courthouses on the frontier. This fact put Lawrenceville in the spotlight during the ten years after it was founded. As one of the only courts in the region, the state granted the court of Lawrenceville expanded jurisdiction. With this expanded jurisdiction, the court of Lawrenceville tried some key legal cases involving the land dispute with the Cherokee Indians. Worcester vs. Georgia was one of these cases in which Samuel Worchester disputed the right of Georgia to confiscate Indian land and distribute it to white settlers. The case eventually moved to the Supreme Court where sovereignty was granted to the Cherokee Indian Nation. But the white settlers did not recognize the Supreme Court ruling and just three years after the Court’s decision, the Indians were moved from the territory towards Oklahoma. This event, known as the Trail of Tears, made land available to white settlers. With land plentiful, many settlers moved to the area and Lawrenceville grew as the local exchange, where dry goods, product and livestock could be traded. In Lawrenceville today, the area of Honest Alley is tribute to the location where locals came to trade mules in the 1800’s. This mixed–use development is part of Lawrenceville’s revitalization. The historic district offers residents and visitors alike an array of entertainment, dining, shopping and sightseeing opportunities.

Lawrenceville residents are a short drive from the Buckhead–Atlanta location of The Libby Law Firm. With two locations in Atlanta and one in Marietta, the Firm serves clients in metropolitan Atlanta and throughout northern Georgia. The attorneys of The Libby Law Firm are experienced in the areas of Estate Litigation and Probate Law. Practice areas include, but are not limited to, Estate Disputes, Trust Litigation, Will Contests, Executor Responsibility and Accountability, Beneficiary and Heir Rights, Guardianships, Conservatorships, Trust Preparation, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives. Our Firm also has experienced lawyers who practice Business Law and Real Estate Law. The lawyers at The Libby Law Firm are committed to rectifying your estate and probate disputes in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

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