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Our Atlanta probate & estate administration litigation lawyers can answer questions about probate, the administration of a decedent’s estate, or your rights as an heir or beneficiary under a will or trust, contact an attorney at The Libby Law Firm in Atlanta for dependable advice, efficient estate administration service, or experienced advocacy in probate court.

In basic probate cases, we can present and validate the will and discharge all of the estate administration duties of the executor or personal representative. We represent clients in Georgia and from other states who are responsible for the probate of a will in Georgia. The responsibilities of an executor or intestate administrator generally include the following tasks:

  • Notice to heirs, beneficiaries and creditors of the estate
  • Assembly and valuation of assets
  • Review and disposition of claims against the estate
  • Preparing and filing estate tax returns
  • Distributing the estate’s assets and preparing the final accounting

Our Firm also represents beneficiaries and heirs, as well as fiduciaries, executors and personal representatives in probate litigation regarding the validity of wills. Some of the more common types of claims we litigate are based on undue influence, lack of capacity, fraud, duress, and jointly held asset issues. Our Atlanta-based fiduciary lawyers also represent trustees and beneficiaries in asserting their legal rights. We litigate breach of fiduciary duty claims, including self-dealing, misappropriation, conversion, and breach of the Prudent Investor Rule. Our Firm is conscientious and aggressive in asserting and protecting the rights of our clients and promoting their best interests and goals.

For advice and representation in any probate or estate administration problem, or in litigation over the terms or assets of a trust, contact a knowledgeable probate lawyer at The Libby Law Firm in Atlanta.

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